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Specialist Trailers & Bespoke Mobility Solutions

Single, Tandem & Tri-axle Articulated Trailers

Example: Simple Stepframe trailer for Mounting an Exhibition Unit

Single. Tandem & Tri-axle Drawbar Trailers


  • Roll-On Roll-Off trailer for Waste management
  • GTW 18,000kg to 24,000kg
  • Optional sliding Drawbar for front loading
  • Lightweight construction
  • 'Safe' bin clamping
  • Many Options
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Sliding Bed Trailers

A multi-functional sliding bed trailer for carrying a wide variety of loads. Suitable applications include transportation of wheeled and tracked plant, forklifts, access platforms, coach and vehicle recovery, ISO containers and general haulage.

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Twin & Tri-axle Ackerman Steer Trailers


  • Three-axle Ackerman
  • Steered trailer
  • Low bed height
Heavy-Duty Ackerman Steer Engine Transporter
Bespoke Stepframe Trailers
Heavy-Duty Special Purpose Trailers


  • Cable Drum Trailer
  • 80 Tonne GTW
  • For laying steel cables
Aero-engine Transporter

Aircraft engine transporter system. Ackerman Steered for low height.

Mobile Aero-Engine Test Trailers

Mobile Engine Test System - Lockheed C130J System provides on-line, real time test and digital fault diagnosis for the total guick engine change unit via high speed computers and auto-cueing software routines.

Mobile Aero-Engine Servicing Trailers
  • Turntable steered trailer
  • Twin Scissor lifts for turboprop engine servicing
Mobile Turbulence Control Screen Trolley

Designed and developed for testing jet engines.

  • Ackerman steered running gear.
  • Ackerman axle front.
  • Rigid rear axle with air brakes.
  • Maximum imposed load of 10 tonnes.
  • Pivoting drawbar with 3" NATO eye.
  • Single wheel/tyre assemblies with OKO seal.
  • Mechanical wind down jacks.
  • Low temperature operation.
Mobile Aero-Engine Servicing Trailers
  • Example: Trailers for carrying gas bottles required to service aircraft whilst still on the runway.
Crusher Chassis
  • Tri-axle rolling chassis coupled with Oldbury stability jacks.
Forklift Trailer
  • Special low bed trailer with shallow loading angle.
Road Sign & Information Trailers


  • Traffic Management trailer
  • Capacity up to 1.4 tonne gross
  • Rubber torsional suspension
  • Rigid ‘A’ frame drawbar with ball hitch coupling.
  • Sign elevating system with associate controls