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Ancillary Equipment & General Engineering

Bogie systems
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Oldbury works closely with our customers to develop the optimal solution to mobilise their equipment.

All designs are undertaken in 3D Solid Works for speed and accuracy. This also enables weight estimates to drive design decisions.

Environmental Protections Systems
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The Oldbury range of Environmental Protection Systems is designed with flexibility in mind. The systems are designed to be fitted with the minimum of modification and offer benefits in levels of performance for equipment operated in harsh environments.

  • Sand and dust filters
  • Solar shields
  • Entrance annex
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Climate Control
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Environmental control in harsh environments:

  • Cooling ranges up to 8 kW
  • Heating ranges up to 4 kW
  • Thermostatically controlled
  • Optional sand and dust filters
  • Optional hot gas bypass
  • Direct or independent cabin or container mounted
  • Low noise
  • -32C to +60C
  • Low weight
  • Optional AV mounts
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Generator Sets
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Reliable power in harsh environments:

  • 5 kVA to 22 kVA
  • Long service intervals
  • Optional sand and dust filters
  • 24 V electrics
  • Intelligent monitoring systems
  • Voltage regulation +/- 0.5%
  • 2000 hour (83 days) service extension pack (optional)
  • Diesel, Kerosene, F-54, F-76,
  • F-44 (JP 5), F-34 (JP 8), F40
  • Acoustic enclosure
  • -32C to +60C
  • Low weight
  • Compact
  • 1500 RPM diesel engine
  • Automatic mains failure

Higher power generating sets are available upon request.

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Mobile Jet Engine Wash System
Mobile Jet Engine Wash System image 1Mobile Jet Engine Wash System image 2Mobile Jet Engine Wash System image 3

A good example of Oldbury´s ´concept to reality´ approach to engineering is the fully integrated jet engine wash and waste water recycling system - designed and manufactured in-house.

The system enables washed jet engines to achieve operational benefits including:

  • Lower fuel burn
  • Increased engine efficiency
  • Lower carbon emissions
  • Reduced operating costs

Key features of the system include:

  • Fully independent systems and controls
  • Self contained water heating system
  • Waste water capture system
  • Waste water recycling system
  • Touch screen controls
Ground-breaking Off-highway Trailer Design
Ground-breaking Off-highway Trailer Design image 1Ground-breaking Off-highway Trailer Design image 2Ground-breaking Off-highway Trailer Design image 3Ground-breaking Off-highway Trailer Design image 4

Another example of the company´s innovative design and engineering capability is Oldbury´s patented trailer running gear design. It makes use of advanced lightweight materials - and has significantly enhanced the mobility options available for Land Forces.

Historically trailers were deemed as ´Drags´ - but Oldbury Multi-Role (MR) trailers match the mobility performance of the towing vehicle.

For special climatic and operational conditions, trailers can be fitted with skis.

The variable rate independent suspension has been developed to provide unrivalled mobility for this type of trailer.

The Multi Role trailer concept has now been developed further to reduce trailer weight and overall length - to allow air-portability and rapid deployment within C130 (Short) aircraft.

Mobile & Static Platforms
Mobile & Static Platforms image 1

Oldbury also designs and manufactures bespoke platforms to meet specific to customer requirements.

Finite Element Analysis
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The majority of our designs are backed up using FEA (Finite Element Analysis).

We also offer an independent Design and FEA service.