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Oldbury Kicks Off with Mobile Crowd Control & Public Safety Barrier

Oldbury Kicks Off with Mobile Crowd Control & Public Safety Barrier

A UK Midlands-based specialist trailer and equipment manufacturer has introduced a mobile crowd control barrier, which it believes will help hard pressed football clubs and sporting venues to reduce the costs of match-day and event management, security and policing.

Oldbury UK, of Wolverhampton, designs and manufactures trailer-mounted equipment for end users such as the military and emergency services. Its mobile scene and incident management barrier was originally designed for riot and homeland security applications and other emergencies. Now the company believes its mobile barrier system could prove to be a cost effective and efficient solution at football stadia, arenas and other major sporting events where crowd control, segregation of home and away fans, or public safety is a priority.

Oldbury UK Managing Director, Richard Skan says, “The mobile barrier system was originally designed to meet the very special requirements of riot control and other major incidents. However, we also recognised that a civilian version of the barrier might provide effective solutions for event management and public safety. As soon as we started talking to football clubs and stadia management, we quickly became aware of the increasing concern across the sector about the escalating costs of direct policing at matches and other sporting events - and that maybe, deploying a versatile fold out barrier could fulfil part of the extremely complex operational requirement”.

The Oldbury mobile barrier is a width-adjustable, fold out design which is fully deployable in around four minutes - and several units can be coupled together in series. The solid barrier skin includes an access door, viewing windows and flap-over, anti-scaling overhangs. The design also incorporates a number of patented features. The entry level variant is based on a braked, lightweight single-axle, rubber suspended trailer for ease of handling and manoeuvrability – and for towing behind a normal light commercial vehicle or 4x4.