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In recent years, Oldbury UK has earned a growing reputation – and recognition - as a Tier supplier, specialist contractor and Partner of Choice in the defence and homeland security sector. Particularly in the important area of UORs (Urgent Operational Requirements), it has demonstrated its significant capability and flexibility in design, development, fabrication, manufacture, early delivery and support.

Actually, Oldbury has been supplying specialist trailers, transporters and equipment to all three Armed Forces and civil agencies for more than 50 years.

Oldbury provides mobility and engineered solutions for Primes, the supply chain and the end-user – and its organisational culture – as well as its engineering approach and experience are fully in line with the requirements and expectations of the sector.

Programmes with which Oldbury has been closely associated include sliding bed trailers; multi-role, off-highway trailers; mobile and air-portable ground stations; equipment servicing platforms and mobile protected scene and incident management barriers.

The company is also closely involved with final assembly, systems integration and user support programmes – and is able to provide comprehensive through-life support packages. In addition, Oldbury provides ‘one stop’ engineering solutions for specialist ancillary equipment, in-service modifications or upgrades and other theatre climate and operational requirements. Please see our Ancillary and General Engineering page under Products - or click here.

Oldbury is a member of both ADS and NDI.

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